• Research, Evaluation and Assessment

    What We Do

    Research, Evaluation and Assessment coordinates IPS responses to various surveys and requests from state and federal agencies for district data, e.g., the Annual Financial Report and the Annual Performance Report required by the Indiana Department of Education.
    We support the district in the areas of:

    • program evaluation
    • data analysis, interpretation and use
    • review and summary of current research findings related to district concerns
    • the development of a balanced and comprehensive assessment system for IPS, in collaboration with the Curriculum and Instruction Division

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    Research and Evaluation Policy

    The Indianapolis Public Schools receives many requests to supply information for, or to participate in, research projects conducted by individuals or agencies from within and outside the school system. The schools have an obligation to contribute to this research in order to support the continuous improvement of educational practice. Cooperation among various educational institutions is necessary if research is to be significant and productive.
    Requests will be reviewed by a research committee. The committee will include the administrators whose schools or programs are involved, and appropriate others. Recommendations are submitted for final approval to the Superintendent or his designee.

    Approval of requests will depend on:

    1. the value to the Indianapolis Public Schools with respect to the time of pupils and staff concerned, and
    2. the adequacy and acceptability of design and instrumentation of the study.
    Research must be conducted according to the highest ethical and methodological standards to protect the rights and privacy of our students and staff. The following processes are to be followed and conditions met for applications to conduct research in the schools to be approved:
    1. An Indianapolis Public Schools Request to Conduct Research form must be completed (PDF Form follows these instructions).
    2. A detailed description of methodology, procedures, and objectives must be submitted with the form. If a specific site is desired, it should be identified in the proposal.
    3. One copy each of all instruments, including tests, questionnaires, and pictures, to be used must also be included with the request along with copies of information letters and consent forms to be used.
    4. Evidence of favorable human subjects review by the researcher’s institution must be submitted with the request (IRB).
    The privacy of schools and individuals must be observed along with confidentiality of records. Researchers may inspect or review a pupil’s record or use any information contained in it only with written permission from the parent/guardian. The researcher must also sign the appropriate form giving his/her name, date of the review, and purpose of the review. This form becomes a permanent part of the pupil record. Other personally identifiable records or files may be used only with written permission from the parent or guardian. Personality tests, personal problem checklists and similar instruments are not to be administered except with explicit consent of the parent or guardian.
    If more than one researcher is to be involved in a study, one person should be assigned liaison responsibility.
    The researcher shall make available a summary of the research design including instrumentation for review by participants and/or parents or guardians upon request.
    Participation by pupils or employees is entirely voluntary. The schools or employees selected to participate in the study will be notified of the research committee’s approval of the study. It will be necessary for the researcher to secure cooperation from the participants.
    A complete report of the study must be submitted upon completion to the Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment of the Indianapolis Public Schools with sufficient copies for the schools involved. Interim reports will be required for studies extending beyond the school year in which the study was approved. Where group data are concerned (as in a report of a study) the parents/guardians of any student shall be entitled to receive, or be informed of, that part of such record or data that pertains to their children.

    If you would like to conduct research within the district please complete the following form and return to the address listed below:

    Address all inquiries to:

    Director, Research Evaluation and Assessment
    Indianapolis Public Schools
    120 East Walnut Street, 601J
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
    Phone: (317) 226-4725