New Tech High  
New Tech High class photo
Our Vision

New Tech’s vision is to lead educational renewal in Indianapolis by developing students to be leaders in the new, global economy.

Our Mission

New Tech’s mission is to provide its students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the 21st century. More so than ever before, today’s students need much more than content knowledge in order to thrive. New Tech High @ Arsenal Tech focuses on citizenship, work ethic, presentation skill, critical thinking, and collaboration.  New Tech teaches students these skills through integrated group projects that push students far past traditional learning outcomes. New Tech strives to develop students into the analyzers, evaluators, and creators who will be successful in the global economy.

Project Structure

Students are presented with an entry document, which provides a problem an organization needs to solve. The document also explains the role students will play in order to assist the organization.
Professional Work Environment students construct a list of given information as well as knowledge they must acquire, analysis they must perform, and skills they must develop in order to accomplish the task set out for them in the entry document. Based on these “need-to-knows,” facilitators provide appropriate workshops to help students complete their project.

Projects culminate with presentations, which vary in format from traditional PowerPoints to more innovative videos, websites, and performances.