Choice Options Explained

  • What are Choice Options

    IPS Choice options are defined by a specialized curriculum, innovative themes and unique teaching techniques. Choice programs may encompass the entire educational offerings of a school, or may be defined as a particular curricular sequence or approach to instruction for a cohort of students within a school.

    Enrollment in Choice Options

    Application Timeline (for both Pre-K and K-12 Choice)

    • Round One: November – January 31, notification by February 22
    • Round Two: February 1 – April 30, notification by May 22
    • Open Enrollment: first-come, first served through the start of school

    Choice Zone & Proximity Maps

    IPS students who live approximately .5 miles from a K-6 or K-8 choice school receive proximity priority in the lottery process.

    IPS operates three programs that offer multiple sites: Center for Inquiry (2, 27 and 84), Montessori (56, 87 and 91), and the Butler Lab Reggio Program (55 and 60).  These schools operate in zones within IPS. Students within these zones receive transportation and priority admission to their zoned CFI, Montessori or Butler Lab school. Students outside of the school’s zone can apply, but will not receive transportation or priority admission.  Note:

    • Center for Inquiry School 70 is a district-wide choice school and therefore does not have a zone
    • Current students at Butler Lab School 60 zoned to Butler Lab School 55 will be provided transportation to School 60 for the 2019-2020 school year. This also applies to rising kindergarten applicants who are siblings of current School 60 students.

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