Opportunity Culture: Teacher Leadership Roles

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    As part of THE NEXT CHAPTER FOR IPS, Indianapolis Public Schools is the first district in the state of Indiana to develop an Opportunity Culture model that extends the reach of excellent teachers and their teams to more students, for more pay, through a new and innovative staffing framework. Depending on the level of responsibility, stipends range from $6,800 to $18,300 for different leadership roles without having to leave the classroom!

    Opportunity Culture in Indianapolis Public Schools


    Are you a teacher who….

    Believes that all IPS students can achieve their full potential, learn at high levels, and graduate prepared to succeed in school, career, and life?

    Imagines schools where you can improve your teaching, year after year? 

    Wishes for schools where teachers are valued professionals?

    Dreams of having the opportunity to earn a higher salary?

    Hopes to achieve excellence, help more students, and develop peers while teaching?

    Aspires to be a teacher-leader who is empowered to make decisions in the best interest of your students and take responsibility for student learning?

    IPS Opportunity Culture roles are designed for you!


    Roles include:

    Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) - A consistently excellent teacher and approachable leader who:

    • Leads a team of teachers and other staff responsible for multiple classrooms
    • Establishes each team member’s roles and goals and determines how students spend time
    • Assigns roles to fit each teacher’s strengths, knowledge, and professional development goals
    • Plans collaboratively and improves instruction with the team to meet student needs
    • Teaches some of the team’s students directly, with a schedule that frees time for team leadership too
    • Takes full accountability for the learning and development of all students taught by the team

    Expanded Impact Teacher (EIT) - A teacher who:

    • Works on a teaching team that reaches at least 33% more students than a typical team of the same size, or reaches more students directly with the help of an aspiring teacher/teaching assistant
    • Uses blended learning, extra teaching assistant support, and/or elementary subject specialization
    • Plans, prepares, and delivers instruction with high expectations and targeted approaches for all students
    • Collaborates at school with teammates to monitor student progress and ensure learning for all
    • Has more time for planning and learning on the job



    “We’re delighted to give our schools the opportunity to give all teachers the support, on-the-job learning, leadership opportunities, and higher pay they deserve. I want all students to benefit from excellent teaching.”
    – Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee, IPS Superintendent

    What is Opportunity Culture?


    In alignment with IPS Strategic Plan 2015, IPS will pilot Opportunity Culture in the following schools during the 2017-2018 school year: