Indianapolis Public Schools kicked off its Employee of the Month program by honoring five deserving administrative staffers for the month of May.


The program was started to “show appreciation for our employees,” said Azure Swinford, administrative associate for Employee Relations. “We asked the directors in each department of the central office to nominate employees based on the theme for the month of May: Team Spirit, Optimism, Inclusiveness, Tenacity, Perseverance, Leadership.”


Employees are recognized with displays on the first floor of the John Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services.


Meet the May IPS Employees of the Month. Included are comments from their co-workers.


Brian Pereira

Accounting Coordinator, Title I

“Brian has consistently contributed to the team no matter the task — big or small. He shares the load with no complaints or expected reward. Brian’s dedication to the teams is noted and greatly appreciated.”


Yunny Rodriguez

Administrative Associate, Office of Enrollment and Options

“Yunny comes to the office with a smile and a positive attitude every day. She is always happy to help families (in English or Spanish), and she brings a warmth and empathy to her work that shows her commitment to serving others. Yunny provides a great example of hard work, commitment to families, and team collaboration; she is always looking to learn and grow.”


Andrea Snouffer

Talent Management Coordinator, Human Resources Division

“Andrea exudes enthusiasm and energy to all tasks she tackles — as evidenced by her tendency to race through the office! Her positive outlook is contagious and makes difficult tasks a more enjoyable team effort.”


Paul Wheeler

System Administrator, IT Department

“Paul is responsible for several pieces of IT infrastructure that keep systems running across the district.  He also has responsibility for coordination with Tyler Technologies to make sure Munis is available to users. Paul is responsive, knowledgeable, customer-focused and dedicated to the success of IPS.”


Weston Young

Chief Financial Manager, Finance Division

“Weston Young is the best embodiment of a team player I’ve ever worked with. The guy bleeds and breathes IPS.”