Surprise! Ten IPS educators have been named Top 10 finalists for the 2020 IPS Teacher of the Year.


They are:

  • Brain Hoover, music teacher, Center for Inquiry School 2.
  • Julie Busch, third-grade teacher, William McKinley School 39.
  • Ethan Hoffman, math teacher, Newcomer Program.
  • Lori Schneider, Pre-K teacher, Anna Brochhausen School 88.
  • Sabbath McKiernan-Allen, third-grade teacher, Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School.
  • Rhuperdia Clay, special education teacher, Brookside School 54.
  • Andrew Bartolacci, physical education teacher, George W. Julian School 57.
  • Bethany Jackson, social studies teacher, Henry W. Longfellow Medical/STEM Middle School 28.
  • Christina Shaul, fifth-grade teacher, Theodore Potter School 74.
  • Allison Powell, fourth-grade teacher, Center for Inquiry School 70.


When these district educators arrived at school on Monday, May 6, they had no idea that their school administrators were waiting to surprise them with this special announcement.


Educators in the Top 10 were chosen from a record 51 building-level Teacher of the Year nominees, and selected because of their exemplary education methods and dedication to their students.


The 2020 IPS Teacher of the Year winner will be announced during the annual, invitation-only dinner on May 20 — a departure from the way the announcement has been made in previous years. It’s a change that adds more suspense to the program.


“Teacher of the Year is one of our most popular signature events and we wanted to bring more excitement to it,” said Kristian Little Stricklen, the district’s chief communications and engagement officer. “There are a lot of changes that happen when waiting to honor our teachers until the next school year. By honoring them when we do the announcement, we ensure the teachers are still in the buildings that recommended them.”


The winner will serve the district as the 2020 IPS Teacher of the Year during the 2019-20 school year. They will also be entered into the statewide Teacher of the Year competition, which includes other Teacher of Year winners from districts throughout Indiana.


However, before the district reveals its overall winner, the Top 10 finalists must complete supplemental portfolio submissions. Those will be judged by the Teacher of the Year Selection Committee, which makes the final decision.


Congratulations, again, to the Top 10 2020 IPS Teacher of the Year Finalists!