George Washington High School was boisterous Thursday evening as loud applause and cheering greeted each of the graduates of the Class of 2019.


This year’s student speakers, Damesha McDougle and Alinase Mzumara, captivated the crowd with their individual addresses thanking their teachers, classmates and administrators for helping them achieve their goals and aiding in their perseverance.


Their energy was contagious and cheering from the crowd erupted every time they recounted an event at their school that moved them.


Commencement speaker Jim Grim inspired graduates by sharing the deep history around George Washington High School and the neighborhood. Grim, director of university/community school partnerships at IUPUI, also let graduates know that they are special because they have a greater ability to work with the global community and already have many of the communications skills necessary to succeed in today’s work environment.


Principal Stanley Law entertained the crowd with his charisma and led students through the procession. Relationships built with students was evident through the hugs and embraces each graduate gave Law before taking their traditional graduation pictures.


Students were encouraged to pursue their dreams and achieve them through any of the district 3Es of their choosing: enrollment in a university, enlistment in the military, employment at a livable wage.