Curriculum and Instruction

If it’s taught in the Indianapolis Public Schools district, whether to students or employees, then Curriculum and Instruction had a hand in planning it. Obviously, being over curriculum means our curriculum coaches and district media specialists help plan how ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, ESL and Pre-K courses are taught and how instruction is made available. But we’re also deeply involved in our employees’ professional development. We conduct new teacher induction coaching. We manage Title II grant matters involving the preparing, training and recruiting of high quality teachers and principals. And we maintain and offer a variety of professional development opportunities for all IPS employees. Our students and employees can turn to us with all their instructional needs, and we are happy to serve them.

Contact Information

Administrative Team

  • Jessica Dunn – Interim Curriculum Officer – 317-226-3545
  • Amanda Koth – Director of Instructional Design & Support –
  • Marlene Hogue – Administrative Specialist – 317-226-3545

English/Language Arts

K-6 English/Language Arts

7-12 English/Language Arts

English as a Second Language

Fine Arts

High Ability


K-6 Mathematics

  • Kathy Jones – – 317-226-3797
  • Nick Meyer – – 317-226-3796

7-12 Mathematics

  • Stephanie Todd –
  • Mike Roach –
  • Peggy Boulden –

Physical Education


Social Studies

World Languages