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Updated 6/3/2019

Questions for June 18 Interview

Members of the community are encouraged to submit a question for the public interview with finalists for the position of Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools on Tuesday, June 18.

While not every question submitted will be asked, the Board will consider all submissions and incorporate themes and frequently asked questions into the public process, when and where appropriate.

Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools:  Job Description & Application Process

Open Date:  4/17/19

Close Date:  5/17/19

MISSION:  IPS empowers and educates all students to think critically, creatively, and responsibly, to embrace diversity, and to pursue their dreams with purpose.

VISION:  IPS is a family of excellent public schools in which every student has the opportunity to succeed and the power to create their own future.


Indianapolis Public Schools is looking for interested and qualified applicants to serve as the chief executive officer and superintendent of schools for Indianapolis Public Schools. IPS is an urban school district serving a diverse student body of over 30,000 students in the largest urban center in Indiana. As the oldest and largest school district in Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools has a rich history and a deep commitment to shaping the future of the city and developing the next generation of civic leadership. An ideal candidate should have an impressive record of supporting student achievement in an urban education environment, and a demonstrated commitment to educational equity and inclusion while serving diverse students and communities.


Qualified candidates must:

  • Be able to be licensed by the Indiana Department of Education as a superintendent or temporary superintendent under current regulations;
  • Have passed, or be able to pass within (3) months, the Indiana District Level Administrator content licensure exam.


The Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools shall:

  • Serve as the chief executive of the school corporation with primary responsibility for administration of the district;
  • Provide leadership in identifying, analyzing, and implementing programs to meet the educational needs of a diverse student population;
  • Effectively recruit, assign, develop, and evaluate talented staff to serve students and meet district operational needs;
  • Manage district finances and resources to effectively implement district policies and programs, meet the educational needs of students, and promote efficiency to ensure financial stewardship of public resources;
  • Demonstrate leadership in improving educational opportunity and a commitment to educational equity for marginalized and under-served students and communities;
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with the board, district employees, students, parents, legislators, and community stakeholders to foster a shared commitment to quality education and student success;
  • Communicate and collaborate with the Board to develop and implement policies and guidelines to govern the operations of the school corporation;
  • Advocate for the resources, legislation, and community engagement necessary to achieve the mission and vision for Indianapolis Public Schools.


An ideal candidate for Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools will possess the following personal and professional characteristics:

  • A record of success in improving student achievement in an urban education environment;
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion to address achievement gaps for students with diverse racial, socio-economic, or other characteristics associated with institutional barriers to academic achievement;
  • Varied experience as an educator, building administrator, and in district leadership;
  • High standards of personal integrity, demonstrated work ethic, and familiarity with current instructional strategies and methodologies;
  • Experience in establishing legislative priorities, engaging with policymakers, and advocating for resources, legislation, and community engagement on behalf of students;
  • Thorough knowledge of school law, budgeting process, and school district finances;
  • Exceptional interpersonal and organizational communication skills to ensure effective communication of information, goals, and strategies to board members, teachers, school leaders, parents, students, and community stakeholders;
  • An open, transparent, and committed willingness to think entrepreneurially, work collaboratively with the IPS community, and lead strategically.

Additional consideration will be given to candidates with:

  • Bilingual verbal and/or written language skills;
  • Educational or professional degrees/certifications/licensures from an accredited institution or program relevant to the duties and responsibilities of a superintendent of schools;
  • Experience as a superintendent in a large, urban school district;
  • Awareness and understanding of the Indianapolis educational, civic, and political environment.


The Board of School Commissioners will review and evaluate all applications for superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools in a transparent and deliberate manner, and will not unfairly discriminate on the basis of race, gender, gender identity, age, religion, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, or other condition unrelated to the position of Superintendent.

All qualified applicants should understand that their consideration for the position of superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools will become public after they are determined to have met the minimum requirements for the position and been selected as a finalist for superintendent. Additionally, all finalists are required to participate in a public interview by board members with other finalist candidates that will be open to the media and public.

Any individual interested in being considered for superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools should submit a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a 1-2 page Letter of Interest. The CV should include all relevant educational, professional, and personal experience. The Letter of Interest should be no longer than 2 pages single-spaced and should describe why the individual is interested in serving as IPS Superintendent, their pedagogical and educational philosophies, and any other personal or professional information that that the board should consider in evaluating the candidates ability to effectively lead Indianapolis Public Schools.

The application window for interested applicants closed on Friday, May 17th at 5:00pm.

Super Search Archive

The Indianapolis Public Schools Board of School Commissioners met in executive session on Wednesday night to discuss the pending resignation of Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee, who was recently announced as the next chancellor of D.C. Public Schools.

A public meeting was held at 2 p.m. Friday, December 7, at the John Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services, 120 E. Walnut St., for the Board to take immediate action regarding Dr. Ferebee’s departure and to address short-term leadership for the district following his absence. Aleesia Johnson, IPS Deputy Superintendent for Academics, will serve as Indianapolis Public Schools’ interim superintendent.

While the Board is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of services to students and families, there will not be a vote on a permanent replacement or defined superintendent search process at this time.

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