Life Skills 
  • Our life skills program includes 18 students who are incredibly talented and have incredible personalities. As members of the SHS community, life skills students participate in all school activities including pep assemblies, Week Without Walls, O-week and Friday Connect.
    The Life Skills curriculum at Shortridge IB High School encompasses numerous academic and life skills. The focus of this IPS curriculum is for scholars to gain academic and life skills knowledge while they attend Shortridge and every IPS high school. Each scholar has a personalized approach to his/her education. Some of our scholars attend high school for 4 years and graduate with their same-aged peers. Other scholars attend high school, then attend our SITE (IUPUI co-op) or SEARCH (Community North Hospital co-op) programs. Other scholars attend high school through their 22nd birthday year. All of our scholars achieve a certificate of completion upon exiting high school.

    Our program helps students gain comfortability in a number of skills: how to plan, shop and prepare a meal, cleaning and laundry, financial skills such as budgets and money management as well as job training.
    Job Sites

    Some of our scholars go to job sites within the community. These scholars use the IndyGo bus system to navigate their way to and from their jobs near the school. The students obtain specific job skills at each site, which can then be generalized to apply to many different job situations. We hope that by allowing our scholars to experience different job sites within the community, they will be able to obtain a paid job once they exit high school. We highly encourage the students to be contributing members of our society.
    To learn more about the program, read this Chalkbeat article about riding the bus and gaining independence from March 2018.