Our School Year (2016-2017)
  • This is our year-  2016-2017. 
    In order to ensure you are well prepared, below are specific documents and forms that will assist you as we begin in August.
    The Blue Book (student handbook) has many of the details you may be looking for including your supplies list, bell schedule and expectations.  The Blue Book also contains forms that need to be completed by a parent/guardian at the start of the school year.
    As well, we are excited as you progress one year closer to graduation.  Our 'Level Up Guide' provides a list of tasks that should be completed before the school year starts in August.  This guide has a section for every year level, as well as sections for athletics and service.
    Below is a student planner that can be printed, the student planner indicates the A/B day rotation.  The IPS dress code is detailed below as well as a student and parent ManageBac guide on how to access our grade reporting system.  Students will be entered into ManageBac over the summer and parents will be added using their email address following registration day.  If you are interested n playing an athletic sport, be sure to complete all of your athletic forms located here.
    IPS also asks families seeking free or reduced educational benefits such as textbooks, to complete the Educational Benefits Form.