• Parent Chat II

    Posted by Judith Carlile on 11/10/2016


    Questions from the evening:   

    1.  Is there a dress code?

    a)  There is an official dress policy that was adopted by the IPS school board several years ago.  Students are encouraged to follow the policy however            students are not disciplined for noncompliance.  Students are to be dressed appropriately - nothing indecent, vulgar, or inappropriate.


    2.  Who approves the fundraisers that Tech groups have?

    a)  Ms. Bakehorn approves or denies all fundraisers that Tech.  


    3.  Who marks tardies and who can fix them?

    a)  Teachers mark tardies.  Mrs. Elmore in the attendance office can fix tardy issues.


    4.  How many students will attend Tech next year?  Will there be more than this year?  

    a)  Tech is projected to have about the same number as this year.  The enrollment is projected to increase in two years, possibly to 3000-3500.


    5.  Is the start time changing next year?

    a)  The board is voting on a proposal for Tech to start at 7:20 and end at 2:20 next year.  The following year there is a possibility that Tech will have a later start (9:00).


    Parent Positives:

    Mr. Musgrove goes above and beyond with communications (texts & calls about homework, classwork, etc...).  For example, when Brittany missed a day, Mr. Musgrove texted mom to find out if she was ok, and to let her know he would help her get caught up.  She started this year lacking confidence in math and is now feeling very successful.  Mom says it is all because of Mr. Musgrove.  

    Mr. Polley spends additional time with Brittany when she needs to finish assignments.  Mom is very appreciative. 


    Parent Needs:

    Child's Report card not being sent home

    Schoology training for parents

    ECHO training for parents

    Naviance training parents


    Thoughtful, Excellent, Committed, Honorable

    105 Students were nominated by teachers and honored after school Friday for being thoughtful in their classrooms.

    There will be a celebration before Christmas break for students nominated for being Excellent.   

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  • Parent Chat I

    Posted by Judith Carlile on 9/29/2016 7:00:00 PM

    Parent Chats are an open forum for parents of current Tech students to sit together with Ms. Bakehorn and discuss current issues and future events.

    The following topics were discussed:

    1.  Politics - Students will have the opportunity to participate in a Mock Presidential Election 


    2.  Communications - Improving parent attendance and participation in meetings, activities, and events

                                     Innovative Idea:  Distribute a "Parents of Tech" list with contact numbers to potential parents                                 

                                                                Potential Parent Package:  Copy of a schedule, copy of an ID, pictures of the campus

                                                                Parent Tour on a Weekend


    3.  Parent Contacts - All parents will be contacted all year on a regular basis if their child(children) are failing




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