Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year
  • This is your year: 2017-2018.

    We are very excited for the 2017-2018 school year. We are working to ensure a smooth transition for all students. This includes creating an ambassador program, a new college handbook, a new course selection guide, a new athletic handbook, and much more.
    High School Ambassadors

    We have asked our current parent community to serve as ambassadors to our middle schools. Each of the families below had an 8th grade student in your middle school last year and are in grade 9 at Shortridge HS. Please feel free to reach out to these individuals as they are willing to answer any questions you may have in regards to transition from 8th grade to 9th and from your middle school to the high school.
     School              Ambassador          Phone Number            Email
     Harshman    Jeb Bardon   317-418-7855  JebBardon@aol.com
     CFI 2
     Shael Widenbach 
     317-417-1365  shaelweidenbach@hotmail.com
     CFI 27
     Angie Moore   
     317-513-1883  mooreal@myips.org
     CFI 84  Erika Cheney  317-908-0268  echeney2@att.net
     Montessori 56    Deshawn Jorman     317-875-1630  thescienceline@yahoo.com
     Montessori 87  Lenna Penrod  317-435-6967  penrodl@myips.org
     Sidney Academy        Karin Odgen  317-919-5138  kogden@indymca.org                       
     Out of District     Jody Winter  317-294-3290  jody@winterindy.com
     All Other Schools     Lori Armstrong     317-441-2457  armstrlo@myips.org
    If your middle school is not listed, contact Lori Armstrong, Shortridge Parent Involvement Educator at 317-226-2810 or armstrlo@myips.org.  
    Shortridge Blue Book

    The Shortridge Blue Book (student handbook) contains your supplies list, bell schedule and expectations. The Blue Book also contains forms that need to be completed by a parent/guardian at the start of the school year. 

    As well, we are excited as you progress one year closer to graduation. Our 'Level Up Guide' provides a list of tasks that should be completed before the school year starts each August. This guide has a section for every year level, as well as sections for athletics and service.

    Below is a student planner that can be printed; the student planner indicates the A/B day rotation and school holidays. The IPS dress code is detailed below as well as a student and parent ManageBac guide on how to access our grade reporting system. Students will be entered into ManageBac over the summer and parents will be added using their email address once school begins. If you are interested in playing an athletic sport, we have published our athletic handbook that includes all of the forms you will need.

    IPS also asks families seeking free or reduced educational benefits such as textbooks, to refer to the Educational Benefits Guidelines (Eng. version) (Spn. version).  Once available we will place the Educational Benefits Form here to be downloaded and completed.
    Policies and Support

    Below are specific documents to assist in a strong start to the 2017-2018 school year. Managebac is our grade reporting system which is utilized by all teachers and is where assignments are posted, submitted and graded. Report cards are also posted through managebac; students are provided their username and password over the summer.  
    School Supplies

    As you transition to next school year, please be sure to purchase the items required for each of your classes. The School Supplies List has a list of all of the items you will need to be successful. There is a special Art Supplies List you will want to download for your art classes.  
    If your child is in our Life Skills program, please see our school supplies list for our Life Skills Program.  
    Please be aware that there are items you will need for all classes (see below).
    General Supply List (for all classes)
    • Binder for each subject (1.5"-2")
    • Pens and Pencils
    • Scientific Calculator
    • 8 Tab Dividers
    • Graphing Calculator (TI-84 Plus SE, TI-84 Plus, or Casio CFX-9850 Plus)
    • Compass (Geometry)