Who We Are – School Police

  • The Indianapolis Public Schools Police Department will conform to a set of guidelines that describes a level of performance and service to all its members and for the community which it serves and that supports both IPS’ vision and our own vision in a manner that strives to leave all with the highest sense of satisfaction. Members will assist school administrators in providing safe educational and working environment. We do this by adding value to school safety and crime prevention initiatives, and by enforcing school policies, as well as criminal statutes.

    Restorative Justice is a concept whereby in lieu of arrest juveniles are given the opportunity to participate in a group conference that will focus on who was affected and how this person(s) was affected by the juvenile’s criminal act.

    The purpose of Restorative Justice is to make a juvenile accountable for his/her crime(s) and every person who participates in the group conference has input as to what is necessary to “repair” the damage that has been done.


    1. Members of this Department shall respect the dignity of individuals and groups using the least amount of interference with freedom that is compatible with public safety.
    2. Members of this Department shall perform their duties with professional knowledge and skills.
    3. Members of this Department shall effectively and efficiently deliver professional services so students, staff, and citizens of the IPS school community may have a satisfactory experience.
    4. Members of this Department will make every effort to ensure that crime prevention initiatives and school safety be their primary objectives.