Who We Are - Federal and Special Programs

  • To provide support to Title I schools in the most efficient, effective and timely manner in order to enable schools to address the needs of their students and staff.

    What is Title I?

    Title I a federally-funded program that provides supplemental educational service for eligible public and non-public school students. Services are designed to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet academic performance standards of the IPS district and state.

    What is a Targeted Assistance School?

    The term “Targeted Assistance” signifies that the services are provided to a select group of students who have been identified as failing, or most at risk of failing to meet the State’s challenging content and student performance standards.

    What is a Schoolwide School?

    A schoolwide program permits a school to use funds from Title I to upgrade the entire educational program of the school in order to raise academic achievement for all the students. A school can become a Schoolwide School only after completing a comprehensive planning process. ( for more information see the Title I Handbook)

    How can a school become a Title I school?

    • You need to complete an Indiana State Department of Education Application and submit it to the Title I Office for review and submission to the state.
    • The State Department of Education selects the schools to participate in the year long planning process.
    • The principal and selected teachers will be required to participate in planning workshops throughout the school year.
    • The IDOE Title I Office will determine, after the yearlong planning process, if schools qualify to become schoolwide schools.