“To me, the Media Communications program is important because we are the storytellers – people in all other areas come to us and say, “we want you to tell our story,” and to me, that is really powerful. You don’t often see our faces, but we share their story - their talent - with the world.” - Jalil Stephens, Media Communications Program, BRMHS class of 2015

             The Broad Ripple High School offers four distinct programs. We challenge students to develop their intellectual and artistic gifts, and believe that an integrated study of arts and humanities is critical for students to succeed in education after high school.





    Humanities: Our Humanities program is a rigorous academic program that looks at the world through the lenses of literature, history, social and physical sciences, and an integrated study of the arts. With challenging courses across the curriculum, Honors classes, Advanced Placement courses, and dual credit options, students in the Humanities program graduate with the knowledge and skills to excel at the college level. 

    Visual Arts: Students in the Visual Arts program experience a rich curriculum in studio art, art history, and digital design. Students take courses that include drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, digital art/graphic design, fiber arts, and printmaking. During their senior year, students take Advanced Placement Studio Art as a capstone course. Graduates are prepared to express themselves as artists and continue their education in visual arts at the college level.
    Performing Arts: The Performing Arts program has programs in Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Theatre, and Dance. Students in Music take daily ensemble classes and have weekly private (High School) or semi-private (Middle School) lessons.  In addition, students study Music Theory in depth, culminating with Advanced Placement Music  Theory. Theatre students take classes from professional actors and stage technicians in acting, directing, stagecraft, and theatre history. Our Dance program is built on a foundation of ballet and is taught by professional dancers and choreographers. Students leave the performing arts program with deep knowledge of technique, history, and theory, and with extensive performance experience.  They are prepared to continue their education in the arts at the college level, perform in the community, and to be lifelong supporters of the performing arts.
    Media Communications:  The Media program focuses on Radio, Television, Journalism and Print Media. Students study Radio and Television, including audio/video production and editing.  Students also study journalism, publication, layout and design, and media law and ethics. Students work on authentic projects in our radio and televisions studios, create student publications, and work with professionals in the field of broadcast and print media. Students leave the Media program ready to continue their studies at the college level and to continue their work via internships with professional radio and television stations or with print and on-line media.