Public Relations
  • Media Inquiries and Public Records Request

    Media wanting to contact Shortridge High School employees or visit our school are asked to first contact our Media Relations Coordinator at (317) 226-4414 or  ipspublicrelationsdivision@myips.org.  Media or individuals wanting access to public records or other public information from Indianapolis Public Schools must do so in writing, specifically stating the desired records. Indianapolis Public Schools follows the provisions of the Indiana's Access to Public Records Act.
    Research and Evaluation Inquiries

    Shortridge High School has an obligation to contribute to educational research in order to support the continuous improvement of educational practice. Cooperation among various educational institutions is necessary if research is to be significant and productive.

    Requests will be reviewed by a research committee. The committee will include the administrators whose schools or programs are involved, and appropriate others. Recommendations are submitted for final approval to the Superintendent or his designee.  If you would like to conduct research within the district please contact the Director of Research Evaluation and Assessment, Andrew Strope at 317.226.4725.
    Distribution of Materials

    In accordance with IPS Resolution No. 7235, Shortridge High School may cooperate with various community organizations and groups in bringing to the attention of students and parents programs that are beneficial to students.  Organizations that request the assistance of the schools must obtain a signed "Approval for Distribution" form before delivering materials or literature to the school. A copy of materials requested for delivery must be sent to the Public Relations Division, John Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services, 120 East Walnut Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204, for approval.