School Year Calendars

  • IPS School Year Calendars 2017-18 and 2018-19

    Calendar purpose

    The selection of a school year calendar will identify the structure of the academic year for students and staff and reflect District priorities for ensuring effective instruction. The selected calendar specifies days of student and staff attendance, identifies purpose of days, and indicates attendance totals.

    Calendar Functions
    The calendar: The calendar does not:
    • identifies days of teacher and student attendance
    • identifies days off due to national holidays
    • indicates purpose of teacher days
    • specifies total days of student and teacher attendance as required by statute
    • specify paid vs. unpaid days off for all employee groups
    • assign work schedules for non-teachers


    Past practice has attempted to capture compensation information for all employees on the school year calendar document and has led to considerable confusion. This document, in conjunction with reformatted calendars, intends to clarify misunderstandings.

    The SY calendar does not serve the purpose of distinguishing paid vs. unpaid days of work for all employee groups. Paid holidays are outlined in employee contracts. To address misunderstandings and provide further clarity going forward, the updated calendar documents identify national holidays with grey shading and all other days without teacher and student attendance with green shading. Employees uncertain about holiday compensation can consult supervisors, employment contracts, and IPS Human Resources for employee specific work schedules.

    Calendar development process

    The presented calendars are the work-product of the calendar development committee, a collaborative work group comprised of relevant stakeholder representatives. Committee members were selected through an open application process to include parents, teachers, principals and district staff. The presented draft is the result of systematic consideration of student and family needs, teacher and administrator suggestions, and district priorities pertaining to teaching and learning and family and community engagement.

    Key points

    • Includes five District Professional Development days
      • Designed to provide a coherent and strategic PD sequence for the District
      • Ensures that all teachers understand common instructional expectations and available curricular and instructional support
      • Placed carefully to follow existing days off; easing childcare provisions for students and families and ensuring minimal impact on instructional continuity
    • Increases school opening preparation from one day to two days
      • Designed to provide adequate time for school based meetings, classroom work time, and District convocation
      • Established expectation that all school staff report prior to the first day of student attendance (i.e. inclusion of classified employees)
    • Maintains structure of Parents In Touch (PIT) day as a day without student attendance to provide adequate availability for meaningful parent visits
    • Adds an additional spring Parents in Touch (PIT) day as a day without student attendance to provide adequate availability for meaningful parent visits
    • Retains balanced calendar design with two week breaks in Fall and Spring

    Interdistrict comparison

    • Four Marion County School Corporations (MCSCs) have not published their 2017-18 or 2018-19 calendars
    • One MCSCs has published both years and three have published 2017-18
    • First student day aligns with 3 of the 4 published MCSC calendars, the fourth begins school during the prior week
    • Fall break aligns with all other published MCSC calendars for at least one of two weeks
    • Thanksgiving break of less than one week aligns with 2 of 4 published calendars
    • Spring break aligns with all the four published MCSC calendars for at least one of two weeks
    • End of school year aligns only with Pike Township due to balanced calendar design, other MCSCs end school one or two weeks earlier
    • Dedicated PD days do not align with other published MCSC calendars: several MCSCs use structures for district professional development such as early release days for students and extended teacher hours on days of student attendance

School Calendars:

  • 2018-19 School Calendar

    Modified June 2017 Action Session

    Summary Reason:

    The presented revisions to the SY 2017-18 and SY 2018-19 school calendars remove the 2nd semester Parents In Touch day which was included in the previous version of the school calendars.  The change is a result of a request from the IEA to preserve a 190 day working calendar for teachers and maintain the Friday preceding Memorial Day weekend as an IPS flex day.

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