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Strategic Plan Goal Areas Highlighted:

Teaching and Learning I 
  • Schools will vary in their approaches to instruction, personnel and operations because highly-qualified leaders will determine the best use of resources to ensure academic achievement and be accountable for those decisions.
  • Self-selected professional learning offerings will be available to teachers so that they can steer their efforts in the areas that will provide the greatest impact in the classroom. 
  • Students will experience more instructional rigor in the classroom and can choose from many more attractive academic offerings.
Efficient Operations II 
  • Financial resources will be allocated to schools equitably, based upon what is needed to ensure successful outcomes for students.
  • Educators will be compensated competitively, with our most effective teachers earning more.
  • Central services will be streamlined and processes will be automated, audited regularly and updated to address needs.
Family and Community III 
  • Families will have a wealth of accurate information available to choose what instructional environment is best for their children.
  • We will define success with clear performance metrics that include student and family voices. Those whom we serve will join us for results-oriented discussions.
  • We will support families in their advocacy efforts and provide one-stop access for many of the services they need.

Strategic Plan Headlines

  • Counting Down: Strategic Plan Charter Team Registration Ends Feb 12th

    We’re excited to invite our community to continue informing our implementation plans for IPS Strategic Plan 2015. Though we’ve got a running start on several initiatives outlined in the plan, we must now further our efforts by establishing cross-functional, community-involved project teams to ensure our exciting vision becomes a reality! Consider contributing your time, talent and expertise to the most worthwhile cause – our amazing students!

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  • Reminder: Strategic Plan Charter Team Registration Ends Feb 12th

    We’re progressing with internal work plans and some of our key public-facing initiatives in alignment with IPS Strategic Plan 2015; consider contributing your talent and expertise to drive better outcomes for our amazing students!

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  • Calling Community Stakeholders! IPS is Recruiting Project Team Members for Remaining Strategic Plan Goals

    Last month, we issued a community-wide invitation for interested persons to contribute their special talents to our Goal area 2- Efficient Operations projects and now it’s time to do the same for our other two strategic plan goal areas: 1- Teaching and Learning and 3- Family and Community! If you have interest and the time to offer your talent in areas related to expanding high-quality educational experiences for students, engaging our community around action plans to improve family advocacy and support services, or leveraging existing community resources to increase philanthropy and volunteerism, then consider joining us!

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  • IPS Recruiting Team Members for Strategic Plan Implementation

    Indianapolis Public Schools proudly announces new opportunities to ensure success in the district’s future! IPS is pleased to invite our stakeholders to join our Efficient Operations project charter teams.

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  • Strategic Plan Launch Event Highlights

    Check out some of the highlights from our fun events in the gallery... The launch celebration isn’t over yet; we’ll share the details of our next event very soon.

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