Facility Usage
    As part of our mission, we believe in service to our community and large focus of this mission it ensuring we have appropriate and accessible programming occurring in our facility.  Shortridge High School is a unique and dynamic location to host community and school events and we welcome you to share this space with us.
    To reserve a date, please complete the Facility Request Application.  Prior to completion of this form, please review our Event Spaces Guidelines to ensure you know the capabilities of each space. Then answer these initial questions regarding your request. Once your application is received we will begin to process your request.  As part of our school policy, we require organizations to have insurance and cover the costs of security and janitorial services as well as incidentals.  There is a set rental fee, but we are willing to work with your organization to locate additional funding opportunities.

    The calendar below indicates the availability of our facilities.  Please note that none of our facilities are available during the school day (8-4 p.m. Monday through Friday) due to academic courses occurring during that time.  Our facility is also closed on Sundays, unless special permission has been granted.
    The events listed on this calendar indicate the location (new gymnasium, Caleb Mills Auditorium, etc), event title and times the space is being utilized.  Some dates may be unavailable until athletic games and competitions have been confirmed.