by Mrs. Boerner and Miss Sharrett
  • Does your kid just need attention?

    Posted by penny guthrie on 4/9/2018

    How often do we hear parents say this? But the latest research on the brain shows we are “wired” wired for connection with other human beings. Turns out connection is a basic human need, as important for people as food, water and oxygen! Kids need much more of our attention and time than we often think because they are really trying their best to connect with their adults. Bonding and attaching are other words we often hear that mean the same thing as connecting. Next time you think “oh they just need attention” replace attention with connection “they are looking for connection” and see the difference in how you may respond to this need your child is asking you to meet. Not sure how to meet the need? Try Heather Forbes’ 10-20-10. Spend 10 minutes in the morning with your child, simply doing something they want to do or listening to them talk about whatever interests them (no telling them what to do or giving advice, just being with them and connecting), do this again for 20 minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes before bedtime (this is a good time to read a book they want or sing a song they enjoy). 

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  • Counselor's Corner

    Posted by Brandy Boerner on 3/12/2018

    Check out this month’s Mental Health Minute about depression – including the symptoms that present in children and where parents can turn for help! 

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