• Innovation School Network

  • In 2014, state legislators approved a law that enabled school districts across the state with the authority to create Innovation Network Schools. These schools are able to operate with the authority to make decisions about all aspects of their school—both academic and operational—and are held accountable by the school district for agreed upon student outcomes. The purpose of innovation schools is to allow our district—and schools within our district—the additional flexibility to make decisions based on the specific needs of a school’s student body.

    In IPS, there are four pathways a school may take to become an innovation school:

    • launch as a new innovation school
    • launch as an innovation charter school
    • restart an existing chronically underperforming school as an innovation school
    • convert an existing school to an innovation school

    We encourage you to also explore our "Innovation Schools Explained" infographic on how Innovation Network Schools are an important part of our mission of ensuring an excellent school in every neighborhood