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IPS Students Qualify for National History Day in Indiana State Contest

March 15, 2016

Chase Cooper, Shortridge  

Chase Cooper is one of the 67 IPS students who has qualified for the National History Day in Indiana State Competition on May 6 in Indianapolis. Chase's exhibit is called "The Pentagon Papers."   

Sixty-seven Indianapolis Public Schools students have qualified for the National History Day in Indiana (NHDI) State Contest!


Nearly 200 students from five IPS schools participated in the IPS District Contest on Wednesday, March 15, presenting their projects at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center, 450 W. Ohio St. IPS schools represented were Arsenal Technical High School, Carl Wilde School 79, Center for Inquiry School 2, Edison School for the Arts School 47 and Shortridge International Baccalaureate High School.


The winners, who will compete in the NHDI State Contest on May 6, 2017, at Ivy Tech Community College in downtown Indianapolis, are:


Individual Documentary: Senior

  •  “Ruth First: A Freedom Fighter” — Mary Jo Easley, Shortridge
  • “Gentrification” — Ajani Johnson, Shortridge
  • “The Richmond Bread Riots” — Asli Mwaafrika, Shortridge

 Individual Exhibit: Senior

  •  “Mau Mau Rebellion” — Glen Mwangi, Arsenal Tech
  • “Teddy Roosevelt & Conservation” — Rosetta Estelle, Arsenal Tech
  • “Emil Zatopek” — Neby Gebreslassia, Shortridge
  • “Robert Emmett Fletcher vs. The Nation” — Antonio Cardenas, Shortridge
  • “Margaret Sanger” — Claire Wallace, Shortridge
  • “The Founder William” — Jemarcus Garrison, Shortridge
  • “Witold Pilecki” — Alex Ogden, Shortridge
  • “The Pentagon Papers” — Chase Cooper, Shortridge
  • “Eugene V. Debs” — Zoe Bardon, Shortridge
  • “Work Will Set You Free” — Hannah Penrod, Shortridge
  • “Thich Quang Duc Self-Immolation” — Dayanara Carvajal, Shortridge
  • “Little Rock 9: Elizabeth Eckford” — Olivia Richardson, Shortridge
  • “John Carey: Vietnam Speech” — David Reyes, Shortridge
  • “The May 4th Movement of 1919” — Yue Yu, Shortridge
  • “Loving vs. Virginia” — Lindsey Snow, Arsenal Tech
  • “Dietrich Bonhoeffer” — Victor Kitchel, Shortridge
  • “Chief Joseph vs. Colonization” – Citali Amezcua, Shortridge
  • “Nelson Mandela” — Sarahi Martinez, Arsenal Tech
  • “The Korean Flag” – Brittney Pike, Shortridge
  • “A House Divided: The Scopes Trial” — Eli Schmitt, Shortridge
  • “Galileo and Censorship by the Church” — Alex Gordon, Shortridge
  • “The First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon” — Alexandra Davis, Shortridge
  • “The Newsboys Strike of 1899” — Armando Castaneda, Shortridge

 Group Exhibit: Senior

  • “The Black Panthers Movement” — Generen Lynch and Antonio Flannigan, Shortridge
  • “A Martyr for the Truth”— Zyionna Wells and Rayna Bowles, Arsenal Tech
  • “Nat Turner’s Rebellion” — Chris Bautista and Noah Misgina, Arsenal Tech
  • “All in the Bigotry” — Olivia Cropper and Chloe Valdez, Shortridge
  • “Russian Revolution”— Makenzie Ritchie and Trent Stocum, Arsenal Tech
  • “The Mexican-American War” — Sandra Sanchez and Daisy Palacios, Arsenal Tech

 Individual Performance: Senior

  • “Angela Davis: No Limits” — Jala Powell, Arsenal Tech
  • “Frida Kahlo” — Tania Torres, Arsenal Tech
  • “Naomi Weisstein and Social Feminism” — Lily Weidenbach, Shortridge

 Group Performance: Senior

  • “Am I Really Bad?” — Autumn Senseney and Stormy Thomas, Shortridge

Individual Website: Senior

  •  “Juliette Gordon Low” — Mia May, Shortridge
  • “Aung San Seu Kyi” — Sergio Castillo, Shortridge
  • “The Union Literary Institute” — Elijah Webster, Shortridge

 Group Website: Senior

  •  “War on Poverty” — Daniel Covarrubias and Eliezer Hernandez, Arsenal Tech
  • “Prophet Muhammad: Taking a Stand” — Ranya Abedelmalik and Alfiya Babiker, Shortridge

 Senior Paper

  •  “The Munster Rebellion” — Francis Van Schaik, Shortridge
  • “Henry Ford” — Dylan Stucker, Shortridge
  • “The Creation and Legacy of Israel” — Thomas Jean, Arsenal Tech
  • “Farabundo Marti” — Linsey Rodas-Hernandez, Shortridge
  • “William Wilberforce: And His Campaign to Abolish the Slave Trade” — Elijah Abrego, Shortridge
  • “Prudence Crandall” — Marquia Webster, Shortridge
  • “Standing Up to Old Traditions: James Meredith and the Integration of Ole Miss” — Walker Perkins, Shortridge

 Individual Exhibit: Junior

  •  “Looking at Native Americans Defense of their Land as an Environmental Movement” — El'Ad Nichols-Kaufman, CFI 2
  • “Anne Frank” — Diana Vicens, Edison School of the Arts
  • “The Rough Riders” — Adolfo Dominguez Hermenejildo, Carle Wilde

 Group Exhibit: Junior

  • “Emmett Till” — Jeffery Anderson and Corbin Banks, Edison School of the Arts
  • “Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott” - Jaylyn Gee and Auriana Shabazz, Edison School of the Arts
  • “Kenny Washington” - Devion Ellis and Johnny Murff, Edison School of the Arts

  Individual Website: Junior


  •  “Cardinal Ritter Takes a Stand” — Elizabeth Redmond, CFI 2


Each year, more than 5,400 students create NHDI projects and compete at regional contests across the state. Students work on their projects throughout the school year, creating documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances and websites related to an annual theme. This year’s theme is “Taking a Stand in History.”


The top winners in the state contest in the junior and senior divisions are eligible to compete in The Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest in College Park, Md., in June.


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