Law and Public Policy Program

Program Summary

The Law and Public Policy program provides students with the opportunity to explore the legal profession in depth. The program offers students the opportunity to get a true sense of the legal profession by providing them with real court experiences, learning opportunities from law professors and other legal professionals, and introducing them to the field of law enforcement.

The program has many key partnerships with several outstanding institutions of high education including Butler University, IU McKinney School of Law, and Vincennes University.

  • Legal public and private sector opportunities.
  • Participate in mock trial, student court, and work with local law firms.
  • Public policy, debate, law, criminal justice, and government.
  • Certification: Advanced Placement
  • Career Possibilities: lawyer, police officer, judge, public affairs manager, analyst, editor, sports agent, politician
  • Courses Include: Street Law, Law Education, Speech, Debate

Schools that Serve this Program