Strategic Plan Goal Areas Highlighted:

  • Teaching and Learning I

    • Schools will vary in their approaches to instruction, personnel and operations because highly-qualified leaders will determine the best use of resources to ensure academic achievement and be accountable for those decisions.
    • Self-selected professional learning offerings will be available to teachers so that they can steer their efforts in the areas that will provide the greatest impact in the classroom.
    • Students will experience more instructional rigor in the classroom and can choose from many more attractive academic offerings.

    Efficient Operations II 

    • Financial resources will be allocated to schools equitably, based upon what is needed to ensure successful outcomes for students.
    • Educators will be compensated competitively, with our most effective teachers earning more.
    • Central services will be streamlined and processes will be automated, audited regularly and updated to address needs.

    Family and Community III

    • Families will have a wealth of accurate information available to choose what instructional environment is best for their children.
    • We will define success with clear performance metrics that include student and family voices. Those whom we serve will join us for results-oriented discussions.
    • We will support families in their advocacy efforts and provide one-stop access for many of the services they need.
  • Opportunity Culture
  • Core Commitments and Beliefs